RE: Long term AWR retention

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Just something else to keep in mind – it can take a significant amount of space 
to store a lot of history, especially if you increase the frequency of 
snapshots to 15 minutes like I do and run them 24x7.  On one of my systems the 
perfstat schema is about 12GB for approximately 6 months of snapshots taken at 
15 minute intervals 24x7.  I’m guessing AWR would be similar.  I know 12GB 
isn’t huge by today’s standards, but just something to consider.  If you use 
statspack you can cut down on the space consumption by increasing the 
thresholds for the top SQL that is captured.  Tim Gorman has a good script for 
that here:

I think you can do the same thing for AWR but can’t remember for sure off the 
top of my head.


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What is the real downside to setting retention to something, like, 10 years?


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