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... and the aswer is: yes, Oracle will ignore the storage clause when using
LMTs with uniform extent sizes. that is, it will do the math to decide how
many extents are needed initially, based on the storage clause, but that's

Tom Kyte Seminar:

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We are upgrading an application that uses an external database to set=20
initial table create parameters. =20 I would like to use Locally Manages
tablespaces and Uniform extent=20 sizes, instead of the table create

My question is, will Locally Manages tablespaces cause Oracle to ignore=20
the table create parameters? (I hope)=20 And, if I have some tables that are
empty, and some that have a million=20 rows, what do I use for an initial
extent size?=20 Do I allocate them all small and let the large tables go
into extents?=20

I don't have the luxury of putting large tables in a separate=20 tablespace.
Everything is in one schema and one tablespace.=20

Hope this is clear.=20


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