Re: Listener configure - port 1521 - how not to handoff to a higher port???

  • From: "Stuart Lindenmayer" <stuart.lindenmayer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: george@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 22:48:39 +1000

Hi George,
If you're using Oracle on Windows there is a registry setting
USE_SHARED_SOCKET which when set to TRUE will force the listener to receive
and respond only on port 1521 - great for strict firewall situations! I'm
unsure if there's a *nix equivalent.



On 9/6/06, George <george@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all


normally the connection process goes something like.
1. enter username, password and service name and hit enter.

2. this makes the sqlplus tool query tnsnames.ora to find where the
service is.

3. it approaches/contacts that service via a first contact process via the
defined service parameters, ip, port and service/sid name. The listener
replies. connect to the following IP (same on standalone, can be different
node VIP on RAC) and a taget port number...

4. sqlplus then goes to supplied ip and port and the user process is
started and user gets connected.

Now. how can you define the possible range for reconnect/supplied ports to
connect to OR how can i limit it so that all connections is done via
1521... RAC environment




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