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Look under development tools, nor RDBMS.

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I wouldn't say that I'm an Oracle license specialist, but IIRC Pro*C has
been included in the basic license since a couple of releases. The last
release I remember you needed a separate license was 5, but maybe it was
the case in 6 as well.

Focusing on 9i,
shows what components need separate licenses. Pro*C isn't one of them.
De options markes with a separate license note are:
- Advanced security
- Change Management Pack
- Diagnostics Pack
- Internet Directory (for general purpose LDAP usage)
- Label Security
- Partitioning
- Spatial
- Tuning Pack
- Advanced Analytic Services - Data Mining

However, Oracle licensing details aren't available in a prominently
visable clear matrix on their website, it's more or less obfuscated,
hidden in all sorts of documents. Otherwise these questions might not
arise so often in this list.....
Therefore, I need a disclaimer here: The observation that you do not
need to license Pro*C separately is just my personal observation, and
final answers about licensing are only available from authorized Oracle


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        Subject: License to use Pro*C
        It may be slightly off topic.
        Does anyone aware of the licensing terms for Pro*C in 9i EE. Do
        have to pay any additional license fee to use Pro*C?
        Thanks in advance



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