Java stored procedures suddenly slow

  • From: Jason Heinrich <jheinrich@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: oracle-l <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2007 21:21:07 -0600

I had a puzzling issue pop up this morning.  The first time a session
executes a java stored procedure, it takes an extremely long time to return.
Every execution thereafter, within the same session, would return very
quickly.  For example, I executed a procedure to zip a 1 MB text file, and
it took 84.6 seconds.  I ran it again and it only took 0.14 seconds.

I can accept that something might take a little longer the first time it's
executed, but I've never seen it perform this poorly.  A trace shows that
all of the time is spent executing.  So far Google hasn't been much help.
Any ideas?

Windows Server 2003
Oracle Standard Edition
JAccelerator is installed.

Jason Heinrich
Oracle Database Administrator
Pensacola Christian College
(850) 478-8496 x2509


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