JOIN issues?

  • From: Bryan Wells <bunjibry@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Oracle-L <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 12:22:39 -0700

As mentioned earlier I applied the 9205 patch set to the w2k
yesterday.  today we are getting issues.  it seems that we cannont use
an explicit join in our queries where they were working in the 9201
base install.

anyone have any ideas why this would occur?

Syntax that does NOT work:

select *
from star.fact_invoice_item f
join rbl_views.v_time_period t on t.dw_time_period_id = f.dw_time_period_id
join star.mv_dim_customer_flat c on c.dw_customer_id = f.dw_ship_to_customer_id
where f.system_name = 'BPCS_HHG'
and f.invoice_effective_date = '14-jan-2005'; 

Same query but with the implicit syntax and returns no errors:

select *
from star.fact_invoice_item f,
rbl_views.v_time_period t, 
star.mv_dim_customer_flat c 
where t.dw_time_period_id = f.dw_time_period_id
and c.dw_customer_id = f.dw_ship_to_customer_id
and  f.system_name = 'BPCS_HHG'
and f.invoice_effective_date = '14-jan-2005'; 

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