Re: JDBC Blob reading "hang" every 32ko

  • From: Lou Fangxin <anysql@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kuon@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 12:26:19 +0800

Hi all:
  Check you DNS, maybe some client cannot ping by the server name. Choose a
client and add the server name and ip record to hosts file.
  I hit this problem before.

 On 11/11/05, 時期 精霊 <kuon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm currently developing a JDBC program on Oracle and I have the
> following problem.
> I use the BLOB.getBinaryStream() method, it works fine, I got the
> stream and I can read it.
> My problem is slow performances, when I call
> The first call takes 10 seconds.
> Then 32*1024 next calls are very fast.
> Then hang for 10 seconds
> Then 32ko readed fast, hang....
> Do you have any idea if this is Database or JDBC problem?
> The network is fine.
> I think it's a SQL Net problem, because when I SQL plus to the db on
> the local computer, the connection is immediate, but if I sqlPlus
> from remote computer, the connection hang for 5 seconds before
> showing me the sqlPlus prompt. And 32ko seems to be the net packet
> size, but I'm not sure of this.
> So, my questions are:
> - How can I use SQLPlus to select a blob (without printing it) with
> set autot on so I can benchmark and be sure it's not my JDBC? (I
> tried column binaryData noprint, select binaryData, id from akData
> where id = 1, but I still got the "SQLPlus cannot print this kind of
> data" error).
> - How can I tune the SQLNet configuration?
> - I use ASM, can this be a problem?
> - Should I move the BLOB to a different tablespace? If yes, how?
> - Any other settings to tune my db?
> I use oracle 10g on Solaris 10.
> Last JDBC (thin) driver.
> Best regards
> Kuon
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