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Be clear which JVM you are referring to.  The one "IN" the database, or the one 
in the Oracle Home?
From support:
4) Can I independently upgrade the Java VM that gets installed in the database? 

No, the Java VM is tightly integrated with the database release and cannot be 

Further details on this are discussed in: 

Note 342810.1 Possible to Upgrade JDK Classes Supplied with Database Version 
Note 418399.1: How To Update The Default JDK and JRE Installed In Oracle 
Database Home 10.1 and 10.2 

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No,  they are not tightly.  They are completely independent.  Ask the 
developers which installation they are using.
Hemant K Chitale. 

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Ok so I have to plead complete ignorance

I have a request from developers to
"update java to newer version",   I thought the JVM that
is installed into the database is completely separate from what is installed
on the unix server, what am I missing?  They are not tightly coupled
or are they?



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