J. Gennick's SQL Developer write up in Oracle Mag.

  • From: "Norman Dunbar" <norman.dunbar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 15:57:00 +0100

Hi Jonathan, I think you missed a couple of bits out of your article
about the DBA with 15 minutes to get through the todo list :


It's 11:45 and you need to be done by 12:00, so ...

... Startup SQL Developer on a PC with 256 MB RAM and a 2.6 Mhz PC.
Word and Email client are already running as is Firefox and IE5.5, the
help desk system and so on. 

... Wait for splash screen to load - it's now 11:47.

... It finally starts, hooray, it's 11:48 now.

... Need to create a new database connection, so try to pick one from
the drop down - oops, Oracle Names is not supported, have to go manual.

... open a DOS box, it's now 11:49

... tnsping the alias, need to write down host, port and
SID/Service_name - can't find a pen, have to hunt the office to find
one. Now it's 11:52.

... Write down host, sid and port.

... Create database connection using above data. Press TEST - get
error., something Java-ish, it's 11:54.

... Try again, same result. Login to Metalink. It's now 12:11.

... Aha, advanced search turns up "connections to databases less than are not supported". It's 12:12 now.

... As the database is, shut down SQL Developer. Try Raptor
(the beta version) instead.

... It's 12:15 and still looking at the splash screen.

... At 12:16, kill Raptor. Fire up TOAD.

... At 12:20, job done, go for lunch, wife only slightly annoyed :o)



The above is slightly humorous, but reasonably accurate. It's a pain
that databases below 9201 are not supported even though Raptor did allow
connections to be made. In addition, not allowing Oracle Names type
connections to be made is a major flaw (IMHO) especially as Name is
still supported until Oracle 10 anyway.  The splash screen hangs around
far too long on a limited RAM 'busy' machine.

Hope you don't mind the parody :o)


Norman Dunbar.
Contract Oracle DBA.
Rivers House, Leeds.

Internal : 7 28 2051
External : 0113 231 2051

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