Re: Is anybody running 10g on VMWare?

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Is anybody running 10g on VMWare?I've run 9i on ESX and IO was definitely a 
problem - even when the other "guests" were idle and one was busy, heavy IO was 
a problem.
The only time performance got close to a physical server was when there was 
only one guest on an ESX server. The cost benefit isn't much of an advantage if 
you have to add an ESX license on top of the other licenses, but can only put 
one guest on a server. VMware wasn't much help either. You know the response 
"I've never seen that before"...
These were dev/qa SAP databases and the guest OS was Windows 2k and 2k3. 

ESX was a much better for server consolidation of Web/App Servers than 
my 2¢.

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  Is anybody out there running a 10g database on Linux on VMWare ESX servers? 

  We are thinking about putting a 10g database on there, but I heard that there 
are serious issues with VMWare when it comes to I/O throughput.

  Any hints would be greatly appreciated. 


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