RE: Is an Oracle license required for a development environment?

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Very true Bill and I did consider that when I replied but I (perhaps
mistakenly) made the assumption that the question referred to EE or SE







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Oracle actually has the XE (?) version, which is free for development.
It has limitations, not being as full featured as like the Enterprise
Edition or even the Standard Edition, but enough 'features' (suposedly)
that most devs can experiment and play with different scenarios. It is
supposed to work pretty well with ApEx (formerly HTML DB). 

I have never tried it personally myself though. 

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Please respond to


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RE: Is an Oracle license required for a development environment?




I think the only time an oracle license is not required is when you are
doing a DR test and I think you are allowed up to 14 days where Oracle
will be running on both servers. 
I am not sure I could find the source of that info but it is my
understanding of the situation 



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Subject: Is an Oracle license required for a development environment? 

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