Invoking Export as SYSDBA

  • From: "Paul Vincent" <Paul.Vincent@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <Oracle-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 08:11:19 +0100

Firstly, many thanks to everyone who gave me advice about truncating
event logs and listener logs - much appreciated.

I've been experimenting with the various options of Oracle Import and
Export (with Oracle 8i and 9i), and have come across a strange problem:

The syntax of imp and exp specifies that you can invoke them as SYSDBA
by starting the statement thus:

exp username/password AS SYSDBA ...

but when I try this out on a Solaris system I get:

LRM-00108: invalid positional parameter value 'as'

Then I noticed a note in the documentation for Export, saying that
because the string "AS SYSDBA" contains a blank, most operating systems
require the entire string 'username/password AS SYDBA' be placed in
quotation marks or marked as a literal by some method. It also says the
quotation marks may need to be preceded by an escape character. So I

exp "username/password AS SYSDBA" ...

and still got the LRM-00108 message as before. Now, I've tried looking
in the documentation for anything about escape characters, but can find

Can anyone using Oracle under Solaris tell me where I'm going wrong,

And, yes, I know generally there's no need to ever use the "as sysdba"
option for import/export, but I'm just experimenting, and this is a
mystery I'd like to clear up.


Paul Vincent
UCE Birmingham


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