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I still have 
1. Maurice Bach
2. Andrew Tannenbaum
3. Nicklaus Wirth
4. Brian Kernighan, Dennis Ritchie
5. Kunth 3 volumns (pre-beta PDF of 4th is on my HD)
6. Aho & Ullman

on my desk ... these are must-haves ... for me.

Rajendra dot Jamadagni at nospamespn dot com
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There are several. The best of all is

Kirk M. McKusick & comp:  Design And Implementation of 4.3 BSD.
Yes, it's right, it's 4.3, not 4.4, because the latter is too
detailed and not as well written as the 4.3 book.
Uresh Vahalia: Unix Internals, The New Frontier.
David Rusling: The Linux Kernel (E-book, a little bit old, but still great
Maurice Bach: Design of the Unix OS
Andrew Tannenbaum: Modern Operating System
Harvey Deitel: An Introduction to Operating Systems (1990 edition, 
                                                     I haven't seen the 2003
Bruce Ellis: Hitchiker's Guide to VMS (Excellent book!!!)
Nicklaus Wirth: Data Structures + Algorithms = Programs (This is an ancient
                                                         book, but was a great
                                                         introduction to 
                                                         B-trees. People are
                                                         always fond of their
                                                         college books)
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