Re: Installing 64bit on RHEL 4 x86_64

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  • Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2006 21:47:59 +1000

Hi Jack,
Have a read of Werner Puschitz's site: I've found it invaluable
in the past installing Oracle on RHEL 3 x86 as it nicely sums up all the
little bugs and glitches - far better than combing through online doco and



On 9/8/06, JApplewhite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <JApplewhite@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

How do I install 64bit on RHEL 4 x86_64?
I've done it successfully a bunch on RHEL 3 x86_64.

We have new IBM Blade Servers with the 64bit Opteron CPUs.  Our server
guys have installed RHEL 4 x86_64 with the 32bit libs included in that

I'm trying to install 64bit, then patch to before creating
new databases.  The install fails with the linking of ExtProc32.
 What am I missing?  Also, is there a 9i R2 doc for RHEL 4 x86_64?  I can't
find it, though the one for RHEL 3 x86_64 is there.

Previously, we had installed these two Oracle rpms mentioned in the RHEL 4
x86 install docs:
The install was successful, as well as the patch to
However, we got the error below doing just about any OS command, like ls,
also, it appeared hundreds of times in the make.log.
      object '/usr/lib/' from /etc/ cannot be
preloaded: ignored.
So we removed the two rpms listed above, since we found various references
that they were only appropriate for the x86 install, not the x86_64 install.

I tried the install again, to see if it would work, but it failed
at the ExtProc32 link, as I mentioned above.

The docs say that is certified with RHEL 4 x86_64, but must be
installed in an existing Oracle_Home.  How the heck to I get that Oracle_Home under RHEL 4 x86_64?  Do we need to re-install the
rpms listed above, install, remove the rpms and re-install the
32bit libs, then patch to

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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