Re: Installation of the Oracle software on the SAN or not

  • From: Mark Bole <makbo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 07:56:51 -0800

Contrary opinion to previous replies:

single ORACLE_HOME installation = single point of failure

You may not think of your ORACLE_HOME as a failure-prone component, but 
of course it is, just as much as your OS install or any hardware 
component.  Try backing out a patch upgrade that failed half-way through 
installation, for just one simple example.

Keeping copies of ORACLE_HOME identical across Unix machines is not 
unreasonably hard, using rsync.  I can (and have) argued that in fact 
this is preferable to relying on the Universal Installer (OUI) to 
maintain identical ORACLE_HOMEs across a set of servers.

As with any type of redundancy, there is a cost. So there is no "right" 
answer, it's just a matter of how much risk you want to avoid, at what 
price. Whether it's on another node in the same cluster, or on a standby 
server somewhere else, you do really need a "backup" ORACLE_HOME 
installation somewhere, though.

Mark Bole

Loughmiller, Greg wrote:
> I'm with Tom..
> We place the binaries on a LUN from the EMC frame.. Configure the resource
> groups to fail that file system over to the secondary node in the event of a
> failure.. Less "hassle" in the clustered environments.
> Found that keeping multiple local installs in sync was cumbersome when the
> environments were clustered..
> greg
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> Subject: RE: Installation of the Oracle software on the SAN or not
> Luc,
> There really is no reason to *not* use the SAN for Oracle software.  One
> benefit of doing so is that, if you are planning on failing the EMC disk
> over to another server, the Oracle software goes with it.  The only negative
> is cost - EMC disk is much more expensive than internal disk.
> I have implemented it both ways and saw no impact on the database at all.
> Hope this helps.
> Tom
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> Subject: Installation of the Oracle software on the SAN or not
> Hi gurus,
> We are in the process to implement a EMC SAN.
> What the pros and cons about installating the oracle software on the SAN or
> on
> the local disks ?
> Thank you
> Luc


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