RE: Install gurus wit tricks

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How odd. I replied to Brians original message using the reply all button
and it came up with the sender as oracle-l-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Normally it has my name as sender.

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I know Mark has pointed you to a document that gives details on what
needs doing. However the key issue as far as we are concerned is that
Oracle does not support that method.

That in itself is sufficient reason to not use that method for us at

Yes, I know, how would Oracle tell, it can be made to work, etc etc. But
the bottom line is that we do not do it for a good reason.

PS I used to do it years ago as well with no problem. 


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Hi, years ago we use to install oracle on one unix machine...tar it up
and transfer to many other machines to save time and ensure everything
was installed the same. This was on HP's/Suns. I was proposing that to
my current group to do that method again but just wanted to know if
anybody is doing it or has tried it...

And/or is there problems preventing or complicating this? 





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