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Hi Hamid,

No, don't set INITRANS to a non-default value unless you need to do so
to avoid ITL waits. ITL waits are counted in V$SEGSTAT. The ITL can
grow dynamically and preallocating extra slots just wastes space.
Instead, ensure that you never set PCTFREE to zero, except on truly
read-only tables.

Only set FREELISTS on tables that get enough concurrent inserts to
cause dynamic ITL growth. Take a few block dumps, and use the highest
ITL size seen, raised to the next prime. There is very little downside
here, only a few more block below the HWM, so you don't have to be too

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I have heared the best number for Initras is the number of CPU but what
about the Freelists is there any standard for this parameter too.
Any idea for any standards for  these two parameters?  Number of CPU or
average number of Transaction or what?

Hamid Alavi

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