RE: Inheriting a "interesting" recovery process

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Well, the only reason I would do colds is that the database is shut
nicely and do not have to keep the archivelogs produced during the
backup... also, shutting down the database once in a while avoids having
problems with the fragmentation of the shared pool and stuff like
Abraham Guerra
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On 8/4/06, Guerra, Abraham J <AGUERRA@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        Your very best friends are:  'Cold Backup' (hot whenever you
can't do
        colds) and make sure your database is in archivelog mode if you
        full recovery...

Please  explain why a cold backup is necessary. 

Before 10g there are rather limited circumstances under which a cold
backup is necessary.

With 10g  and the (supported) ability to recover through a resetlogs,
there are even fewer reasons for it.

        If your database stores traffic tickets, then keep doing
whatever you're
        doing ;-) 

Wouldn't that be nice.

Jared Still
Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist

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