RE: IPMP testing on RAC cluster

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A better test would be to vlan out one of the ports on one of the nodes so that 
the layer 2 connection is still up, but the nodes can't communicate.  This is 
on top of the normal pull the cable testing you describe.


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Subject: IPMP testing on RAC cluster
We are trying to run some tests to verify that our ipmp configuration in our 
RAC sandbox cluster works as desired. We've two nic cards for public and two 
for private and IPMP is configured for both. The plan is to physically plug 
them out (one at a time) and then plug them back in and ensure that everything 
works normally (ie no noticeable hiccups etc).
Has anyone done this testing before and if so, are willing to share the test 
plan? Any queries/logs etc that might help.
Here's some additional details if that helps --
2 node RAC on Solaris 10
Interfaces -- Public - bge0 and bge2; Private - bge1 and bge 3


- Ravi Gaur

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