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Tom Kyte's site has several solutions to this depending on the version
of the database.  This is a link for one that will work on 8.1.5 and


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I'm wondering if someone on this list can help with this problem I'm
to resolve.

I'm attempting to use an IN comparison operator in a PL/SQL cursor and
seem to get it to work.

Pseudo code follows:

    PROCEDURE GetStationDataByList (
        in_list     IN VARCHAR2
        -- Retrieval CURSOR
        CURSOR cr_retrieve IS
        SELECT SD.Value AS Value
        FROM Station_Data SD
        WHERE SD.Abbreviation IN (in_list)

(I have removed unrelated items in this cursor.)

As written, the above doesn't work, how can I modify "in_list" to get
this to
work? Is this in fact even possible?

By not work, I mean no rows are returned and I don't get an error. If I
the select statement to sqlplus and place the
text I have in "in_list" into the operator, I get rows returned as

I've consulted the Oracle documentation, and there appears to be no
on how this needs to be done.

Geoff Quelch

Geoff Quelch
Email: gequelch@xxxxxxxx


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