Re: IFILE directive for tnsnames.ora

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I thought they desupported that, I could be wrong.

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Uwe, afaik, ifile directive for tnsnames.ora works out of the box, no enhancement is needed.
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On 11.01.2011 16:36, Uwe Küchler wrote:
Dear fellow oracle-l'ers,

let me start with a "happy new year" to y'all first (for the politically
correct of you: Happy change of the Gregorian calendar :-)!

Recently, I've opened an enhancement request with Oracle, asking them to
implement an "IFILE" directive like there is for the init.ora. Support
asked for further clarification of some details, and this is where I'd
like the community to kick in!
So, before detailing my request here's what I'd like to find out:

1. Do you also consider this to be a useful feature?

Looking forward to having a fruitful discussion,




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