RE: How to install/configure Ultrasearch 10g?

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  • Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2005 16:29:26 -0600

NM -- After dealving thru the OUI, I see that Perl's only installed if iSQLPlus 
is installed.  Since I didn't need iSQLPlus, I didn't install it.  Now perl's 
installed, the startup works, I don't need Apache...I get it now.
Still fuzzy after the Holidaze apparently...  <sigh>


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The "Installing and Configuring Ultra Search" 10g manual tells all about 
configuring the J2EE stuff, which I'll need, but right now I'm having trouble 
finding how I'm properly supposed to tell Apache (again, in ORACLE_HOME #2) how 
to access J2EE (again, in ORACLE_HOME #1).  I'm thinking I've done something 
horribly wrong in the install, but I'll be durned if I can easily figure out 
what I've done.




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