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No.  The spfile is binary.  On *nix, you can do this:

$ strings spfileSID.ora > initSID.ora

And then edit the init file using any text editor you would like.

You might be able to use sed or possibly perl (reading and writing in
binary mode).  However, I have never tried this, so you will need to
test this out.

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My question is diffrent, Normally we can open pfile thru vi or any
and make  changes and restart database.Can we do similar with spfile?

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>That's strange.
>Any parameter you can change in pfile - you can change in spfile.
>Just not with every parameter you can do scope=both (meaning in memory
>and in spfile - immediate effect).
>So, for the the ones you can't - you do scope=spfile and restart the
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>Usually the parameter that I want to change is something that can't be
>changed via ALTER SYSTEM.  Very rarely do I get lucky and edit the
>spfile such that the checksum is still valid.  The only way that I know
>of to always be able to alter the parameter in spfile is to create a
>pfile from the spfile, edit the pfile, restart the database from the
>pfile and create an spfile from the pfile.
>HUGE pain.  Not a fan of spfile at all.  Only use it when management

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