RE: How to clear JQ lock --killing associated SID is not helping me

  • From: "Singer, Phillip (P.W.)" <psinger1@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 11:26:20 -0500

>Env: 8.1.7 OPS, Solaris
>Job#100 is not running as scheduled(not even manually) because the job
>is locked
>by SID 10. I killed SID 10 yesterday but still the lock is not=20
>released. Also=20
>there is no OS process associated with this SID.
>SQL> SELECT sid, type, id1, id2
>FROM v$lock
>WHERE type =3D 'JQ';  2    3 =20
>       SID TY        ID1        ID2
>---------- -- ---------- ----------
>        10 JQ          0        100
>SQL> select sid,serial#,status,last_call_et,logon_time,process=20
>from v$session=20
>where sid=3D10;
>---------- ---------- -------- ------------ ----------------- ---------
>        10        163 KILLED        1203947 03/07/05 12:23:58
>How to clear this lock, so that the job will run automatically=20
>as scheduled.
>Thanks in advance

Last week I had a similar looking problem.  Query v$session_wait and see
if you are waiting on any latches.  I found I was waiting for a library
cache pin (for several hour).

The fix was to identify the process holding the latch and kill it.
MetaLink gives some information on how to identify a process holding a
latch (the v$ views do not, as it is never supposed to be held long
enough to do you any good).  Unfortunately, I don't have the exact query
I used right at hand.

Another thought:  Did you forget to kill the o/s process behind that
Oracle process? =20

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