Re: How should I connect to BEA Weblogic from a pl/sql procedure and is this a stable connection.

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Thanks for your reply.

> Jaco - I saw you received one reply. Did this answer your question? I
> briefly discussed your question with my WebLogic administrator and he
> you needed to clarify what you are trying to do. Are you trying to start
> Weblogic, or connect to an application that is running under Weblogic?
> Normally Oracle acts as a resource for WebLogic, so the normal connection
> goes from WebLogic to Oracle.

I have missed the one reply you mentioned and I couldn't find it in the
To clarify my question:
We are trying to start an application that is running under Weblogic.
An example might make it clear:
In Weblogic we have a program (we call it a service)  which validates an
address / zipcode combination.
In Oracle we have a pl/sql procedure which inserts a customer together with
his/hers address and zipcode  in a table. Within this procedure we would
like to test whether the combination address and zipcode is valid by using
the service in weblogic.
I hope this carifies my question.


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