RE: How keep only one copy .dmp?

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Where does this find command occur in the script?  If it is before the
actual export, it is working just as it should. 

Ron Reidy
Lead DBA

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How can I set my script to only keep one copy of a dump file?   On
Linux, I 
have the following line in the script (which is run nightly by cron).
I always seem to end up with 2 days worth of dmp files which are using
up too much space.  I only want for there to be one copy that stays on
the server.

find $DMPDIR -name "*" -mtime +0 -exec rm {} \;

Rest of script that follows that line:

DT=`date +%Y%m%d%H%M`

gzip < $EXPPIPE > $DMPDIR/${ORACLE_SID}_full.dmp.${DT}.gz &

$ORACLE_HOME/bin/exp system/$exppass full=y  file=$EXPPIPE
log=$DMPDIR/${ORACLE_SID}_full_1db_exp_${DT}.log consistent=y compress=y

#Check log for errors below
grep -c "EXP-" ${ORACLE_SID}_full_1db_exp_${DT}.log > /dev/null if [ $?
= 0 ] then
  echo "failed export" | mail -s "export of $ORACLE_SID FAILED CHECK LOG
FOR DETAILS" `cat $MAIL/dba`

exit 1

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