RE: How extensively do you use dbms_application_info ?

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I find it easiest just to add it into anything that is touched whether for a
bug fix or enhancement (and of course all new code), as over time everything
gets touched for some reason. The usefulness shows itself and then it may be
possible to justify the cost of adding it to existing code that hasn't been

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Subject: RE: How extensively do you use dbms_application_info ?
Are there any performance overheads in over-using this?
Dbms_application_info after all is a package, so I'd imagine that it would
still take a bit of time to write to the views.
I too would like to see all our SQL code use this but it's going to take a
LONG time. We have millions of code running around everywhere. It would life
so much easier when reading statspack report - I normally just see SQL*Plus
or our program name. Would really love to see the module and action so that
I can pinpoint it to an area within the application.
Subject: RE: How extensively do you use dbms_application_info ?
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 07:26:11 +0200
From: "Christian Antognini" <Christian.Antognini@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Would you use dbms_application_info for every single pl/sql
> procedure? Even ones that just run a single query?
> I was thinking about floating this idea at work. This is how I would
> do it.
> Module: PL/SQL Package and Functional Module(this would be an
> internal name)
> Action: Procedure, plus any values that would go into bind
> variables.
Personally I like to see it at least for the procedures that are
callable from outside the package.
Since the size of the action is limited... you are restricted about the
amount of information you can give to it.
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