Re: How extensively do you use dbms_application_info ?

  • From: "John Kanagaraj" <john.kanagaraj@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 10:55:13 -0700


Would you use dbms_application_info for every single pl/sql procedure? Even
ones that just run a single query?

Module: PL/SQL Package and Functional Module(this would be an internal name)
Action: Procedure, plus any values that would go into bind variables.

Oracle Apps (EBiz Suite) makes extensive use of ACTION, MODULE and CLIENT_INFO. Action/Module stores Form/Function names and Client_info stores the Organization ID central to most access that is "OLTP". In Concurrent jobs, note that it records only the top level function.

My take is this: Parameterize your instrumentation. An external flag
should selectively switch on/off your logging/tracing.

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