RE: How do you conduct technical interviews ?

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Agreed - I find the best way is to provide an environment that fosters
that type of commitment - pay well, reward innovation, reward thinking.
Also make sure you provide access to necessary tools.
I suppose you could ask for specific examples where the candidate has
worked to solve issues outside of the scope of their jobs - without
loading the question.  The way things are phrased below would definitely
turn me off as a prospective employee.


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        Those are hard to find.  The best answer I can give you is be
ready to pay the big bucks.
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                I am familiar with appropriate technical questions. The
hardest part for me in interviewing is finding out of the candidate has
the right type of personality. My ideal person is a problem solver who
does not complain if there is a problem but is helpful and tries to fix
it. It is also a person who does not perennially complain if they don't
get there way (even if there way was a better decision, decisions are
made and some times mistakes are made). Also, someone who isn't just a
DBA. For example, lets say we have an OS or network problem and Oracle
can't start. The Sys or network admin is busy or unavailable. The DBA
can either try to look into the problem and diagnose it for them or sit
around do nothing, but surf the internet. I find alot of people complain
and say "I am not a sys admin". I prefer people who are willing to learn
knew things. Same thing goes for developers. They may not know oracle,
but will look for new things, then run them by the DBA and go "what do
yout think of this option ?" or try to learn how to tune queries. They
may not be good at it, but they try. 
                The kind of people I don't like are the cancer type. One
thing goes wrong. They completely stop working. They send one email and
then surf the internet. Make little to no effort to follow up. Someone
gets back to them, its not perfect. One more email and back to surfing
the internet. 
                There are alot of people like that. How do you find
pro-active, smart people, with positive attitudes ? 

        Andrew W. Kerber
        'If at first you dont succeed, dont take up skydiving.'

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