Help with .Net calling procedure with IN statement and string variable

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  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 08:19:42 -0500

Ok guys, I have a developer that needs some help and for some reason I'm 
drawing a blank - perhaps because I'm not a VB .Net developer.

They have a screen where a user can select multiple values (all numeric) and 
then they want to execute a stored procedure from .Net with an "IN" statement.

So, here's what their variable is setup as:

v_tid varchar2(5000);

Then they're passing this in from .Net: 5000,5001,5002,5003

The code they're trying to execute in Oracle is:

Select ....
From ....
Where trip_id in (v_tid); /* (where v_tid is the comma delimited string of 
numbers) */

This returns the ORA-01722 invalid number error.

If I'm not mistaken this is because the value inside the () looks like 
('5000,5001,5002,5003') which is no good.  I tried wrapping the IN statement in 
a replace and replace tick marks with nothing but that still returns ORA-01722.

Since I know this is something that gets done fairly regularly, how can they 
accomplish passing a comma delimited string into a procedure?  The procedure 
will return a ref cursor of the results.


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