RE: Help with instant client and Perl 5.8.5

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  • Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:23:43 +1000

I have found an anomoly with DBI on quad core Xeon processors HP boxes,
we needed to recompile DBI on those boxes. Same code was in use on dual
core CPU servers. This was redhat same release
Can you connect without NLS Parameters?
I would compile both DBI and DBD on that server for the 10g client



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And one more idea -- 

in the default permissions have changed of various places in

And according to 
oracle@central:~/ [CENTRAL] oerr ora 12705
12705, 00000, "Cannot access NLS data files or invalid environment
// *Cause: Either an attempt was made to issue an ALTER SESSION command
//         with an invalid NLS parameter or value; or the environment
//         variable(s) NLS_LANG, ORA_NLSxx, or ORACLE_HOME was
//         specified, therefore the NLS data files cannot be located.

it may not be able to read the nls files.

Try running strace -o strace.log <your perl script that fails>

Then grep the output file for "open" and check for permission errors. 


On 10/16/07, Bobak, Mark <Mark.Bobak@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 



        Trying to port some stuff to 10.2 instant client, and getting an
ORA-12705 in OCISessionBegin with NLS_LANG set to
AMERICAN_AMERICA.WE8ISO8859P1, which appears to be a perfectly valid
value.  SQL*Plus from the same instant client home works fine.  Using
the 9i client works fine.


        Anyone have any ideas?






        PS   This is RedHat Linux, Enterprise Server 4 Update 3.


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