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Thanks Andrey, I never knew about that event....

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Just to remind

event 10027 level 1 could be used to mitigate the impact of ORA-60 processing

-- Andrey

Terry Sutton пишет: 

        Cold, hard experience.
        Bug 2530125  Hang possible with "enqueue hash chains" latch held during
        deadlock detection
        Or, as described to me by Oracle Support about 3 years ago, "Deadlock
        detection dumps the processstate while holding the 'parent+children 
        hash chains' latch which can cause the blocking symptoms you describe 
        the processtate is dumped. "
        Supposedly fixed in and  I don't believe Sachin 
        what version he was on.

                holding a latch and doing file I/O ? Where did you get that 


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