RE: Heads Up on Grid Control 10.2

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 14:02:52 -0500

Yeah, I had thought about that, too.  But my feeling is that although I
may not receive the same level of service from that person directly in
the short term, they will hopefully carry that work ethic on to their
new responsibilities, making it "better" for me in the long term.  Plus,
I'd assume that such a person would want a promotion, keeping them
employed at Oracle, where maybe someday they'll remember that some
customers like me truly appreciate them.

Keep the good employees happy or they'll be happier ex-employees.


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Your 10Star rating probably got him promoted to damagement so that
another incompetent boob could be put on the support line.


Jesse, Rich wrote:
> I've had similar issues with SRs dealing with ConText and UltraSearch
> ("Ultra what?"), and many others with plain poor communication.  I was
> ecstatic to have /the/ perfect analyst with my last OID Replication
> call, which took five weeks (with a few "sleeps") to resolve.  I was
> finally looking forward to one of those SR surveys.  Gave 'em 10 stars
> across.  Best SR/TAR analyst I've dealt with in many years!
> Now I just need to find out how to get that same tech every time w/o
> closing and reopening SRs constantly...   ;)
> Rich
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> Not surprising you haven't heard from them.  Support on GC is quite
> (and I hope the Oracle employees lurking on this list let their
> management know about this).  I have had an open SR for ~ 2 weeks w/o
> much communication from them.  Hey are going to hear from me at
> time.

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