Re: HTML DB - here to stay?

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 17:47:10 -0600

From my own personal observations, HTML DB is a great little *FREE* tool. Installation has been a snap on my Windows 2003 server.
I've created a couple small apps so far, and even talked a secretary down the hall from me into using it (instead of MySQL, Apache, and PHP, which she would have had to install and setup). After about a month or two she developed a pretty slick looking little app for her group, with minimal SQL knowledge, no PL/SQL knowledge, but a decent understanding of HTML and CSS. If you know CSS, a big part of learning HTML DB layout is overcome. I'm still struggling with it.
I'm currently working on an app that will be around 45-50 pages when done, with interactive query screens, reporting and export capabilities built-in.
From what I've gathered over the last year talking with the HTML DB team from Oracle, it's a product that here to stay (until something better and easier comes along). But, since it's all PL/SQL code that resides in your database, portability isn't that big of an issue if it's ever discontinued.


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We are considering using Oracle's HTML DB to do some web development. Does
anyone who has experience in using this, have time to spare to make some
comments about it? I am particularly interested if anyone knows from where
inside of Oracle this came from and if it is likely to have a long shelf




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