RE: HTML DB - here to stay?

  • From: "Gogala, Mladen" <MGogala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 11:29:36 -0400

I decided to use PHP instead of HTMLDB because I was unable to install it on

a normal Apache server, but had to run additional proprietary web server
instead. The Apache module which is base for the product is mod_plsql. It is
extremely hard to configure and install. It doesn't have a make file,
configuration script or anything else of that nature. Basically, HTMLDB is a
proprietary product that I cannot use without installing another web server,

which is something that I refuse to do. PHP with PEAR modules (especially
QuickForms and HTML_Form) is an adequate replacement for HTMLDB. I advise
you to do the same because HTMLDB may or may not live, but PHP definitely
will live on.

Mladen Gogala
Ext. 121

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We are considering using Oracle's HTML DB to do some web development. Does
anyone who has experience in using this, have time to spare to make some
comments about it? I am particularly interested if anyone knows from where
inside of Oracle this came from and if it is likely to have a long shelf




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