HP Continuous Access (CA) replicating LUNS question

  • From: "Taylor, Chris David" <Chris.Taylor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 10:11:16 -0500

Any of you guys/gals using HP's CA (Continuous Access) product to
replicate LUNs to a remote location?
We tested it on several of our LUNS (non-clustered servers) and it
seemed to work well.
HOWEVER, when we turned it on for our Oracle Failsafe Cluster (Microsoft
Clustering), our Cluster became non-responsive.
We're only replicating our backup drive (non-datafiles, non-quorum lun).
The backup LUN (Z:\ drive) is a resource within the cluster but I cannot
think of why the cluster might have become unstable due to this issue.
We tried failing the cluster over and it would not fail over.
So I was curious if anyone was using the CA product on a Microsoft
Cluster and if you had any thoughts on "gotchas" or things to consider
when replicating resource LUNS?
Chris Taylor
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