Re: HMP support in 10g RAC

  • From: Mogens Nørrgaard <mln@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: k.sriramkumar@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2005 23:27:22 +0100

Hi Sriram -

It's not clear to me from your message who told (or pushed) you into HMP. Was it Oracle folks? If yes, who?


Sriram Kumar wrote:

Hi Gurus,
We are presently using a HP Itanium2 cluster running Oracle 9i RAC. We are to migrate soon to 10g RAC. Was surpised to find a note in metalink that says that HMP is not supported in Oracle 10g RAC. Note id 220970.1

Is HMP supported with 10g on all HP platforms ?

- 10g RAC + HMP + PA-RISC = yes
- 10g RAC + HMP + Itanium, "Oracle has no plans and will likely never
support RAC over HMP on IPF."
- 10g RAC + UDP + Itanium = yes (even over Hyperfabric)
"Oracle recommends that HMP not be used. UDP is the recommended interconnect 
protocol across all platforms."


When we migrated to Oracle9i RAC, we were said (rather pushed) that HMP would be much better that UDP and we bought expensive HyperFabric switches and now Oracle cooly says HMP is not supported now we will have to run UDP on these HyperFabric switches

Thought this would help others in the list using HMP or planning to buy Hyper 

Best Regards

Sriram Kumar


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