RE: Grid Control and Oracle Apps

  • From: "Michael Fontana" <MFontana@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <niall.litchfield@xxxxxxxxx>, "Oracle-L Freelists" <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 14:44:37 -0400

<<I am clearly attempting something silly here, but bear with me.

There is a linux patch for grid control 10.2 which adds in monitoring
for E-Business suite - Patch 4678538  on metablink. So I thought I'd try
this out on our dev/eval box. Installation to the Oracle Home which is
defaulted in fails claiming oms isn't installed there - fair enough.
Installation to the 10.2 oms Home however gets to a page asking for
repository logon details. This comes up with a SID of NO_VALUE and I am
- unsurprisingly - unable to connect to continue the install. has anyone
done this successfully.>>

I've finally successfully installed 10gr2 GC on Solaris.  While I
haven't run into this exact situation, we do run OAS and Warehouse
builder, and have been unable to get monitoring working properly for who knows?


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