RE: Grid Control agent monitor multiple IPs on single server

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It's very scriptable and very doable and also very scalable. I have a lot of 
servers with hundreds of databases all managed in this way through scripts. I 
don't use automatic target discovery. Instead I have a script running every 
hour on each server that looks for new targets (compare what's running with 
what's registered in the repository) and registers anything that's new using 

To answer the other question, why have more than one IP on one server other 
than for failover clusters - I've been on a project where the app was so chatty 
the number of packets on the IP layer was so huge the protocol couldn't keep 
up. Literally over a hundred thousand packets per second. I had to split 
different parts of the app on different IP's to improve performance.


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Rich, yes they would duplicate discovered targets and you would have to 
manually remove them (as I said, a buttload of manual work, it should be 
scriptable but I'm not sure if that would be very scalable).

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 12:36 PM, Guillermo Alan Bort 
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Yes, it can do that. However, if you are talking about a failover cluster 
(that's the only reason I can think of that would justify having different IP 
addresses) then the matter becomes more complicated and you either need one 
agent per home and a buttload of manual configs or one agent per server and 
some emcli scripting to handle failovers.


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If you have one server that has multiple databases with multiple listeners that 
have DIFFERENT IP addresses but co-exist on the same server, do you have to 
have separate Grid Control agents to monitor the different ip addresses or 
would you still have just one agent for the server itself and it could still 
discover everything?

For example, if you wanted to be able to monitor whether each individual 
listener is up, could one agent do that even though the IPs are different?
This is a agent on Linux running Standard Edition with 

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