Fwd: Retrieving just one store procedure

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  • Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 12:39:58 +0100


If you have a relatively small export file (particularly if the , you could
just open it in an editor and cut out what you need.

If it's larger, and you are in *nix, you could try using the strings

strings myfile.exp > expstrings.txt

and then work on that.

I have just opened a small (Windows, 10g XE) export using Wordpad and it
looks to me like the procedures are included in plain text, but each line is
preceded by a non-printing char (possibly the line length) like this (the
look in Wordpad is a wingding at the start of each line; looks slightly
different here):



&#0; g_counter integer := 0;


&#0; procedure reset_counter;

&#0; procedure increment_counter;

1&#0; procedure print_counter(message in varchar2);


If you use od -a to dump the exp file contents (thanks to cygwin for having
that on Windows), here is a bit of it. You can see two octets at the start
of each line (after nl). Look at the declaration  of g_counter; the line us
preceded with esc, nul. esc is decimal 27 - which is the length of the line
up to and including the next nl (shown here in red, if it makes it through

0301320   A   G   S  sp   =  sp   '   '  nl   C   R   E   A   T   E  sp
0301340   F   O   R   M   A   T   7   1  sp   P   A   C   K   A   G   E
0301360  sp   "   C   O   U   N   T   E   R   _   P   K   G   "  sp  nl
0301400   } del bel nul   C   R   E   A   T   E  sp  em nul   P   A   C
0301420   K   A   G   E  sp   "   C   O   U   N   T   E   R   _   P   K
0301440   G   "  sp   A   S  nl esc nul  sp  sp  sp   g   _   c   o   u
0301460   n   t   e   r  sp   i   n   t   e   g   e   r  sp   :   =  sp
0301500   0   ;  nl eot nul  sp  sp  sp  nl  fs nul  sp  sp  sp   p   r
0301520   o   c   e   d   u   r   e  sp   r   e   s   e   t   _   c   o
0301540   u   n   t   e   r   ;  nl  sp nul  sp  sp  sp   p   r   o   c
0301560   e   d   u   r   e  sp   i   n   c   r   e   m   e   n   t   _
0301600   c   o   u   n   t   e   r   ;  nl   1 nul  sp  sp  sp   p   r
0301620   o   c   e   d   u   r   e  sp   p   r   i   n   t   _   c   o
0301640   u   n   t   e   r   (   m   e   s   s   a   g   e  sp   i   n
0301660  sp   v   a   r   c   h   a   r   2   )   ;  nl enq nul   E   N
0301700   D   ;  nl nul nul  nl   A   L   T   E   R  sp   S   E   S   S

Hope that helps

Regards Nigel

2008/9/25 Harshan Vasudevan Eppurath <harshan.eppurath@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I would like to know whether it is possible to retrieve just one stored
> procedure from an export. We are currently running
> Cheers
> Harshan
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