Re: Flashsback, ASM, and archive logs on RAC

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You can back them up and compressed they will consume about 30 percent
of space according to my experience. You don't have to delete archive
logs after backup - Oracle will delete them if there is space pressure
in FRA. This can save you some time during recovery as you won't need
to restore them.

On 7/22/07, Michael Kline <mkline1@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
We have a new setup using ASM, RAC and Flashback Recovery Area.

The archive logs go to the FRA as well. We do hot backups but are not
the archive logs. Since the backup sets go to FRA, I'm wondering what, if
advantage there is to keeping the archive logs. I'm thinking that "backup
archive logs delete input" may make a lot more sense because they would
be in the backup sets anyhow.

We do daily full hot backups. It's on AIX, and everything is pretty
much in ASM.


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