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>What problems did you run into with it? 
Forgetting to change it when an ip address changed.
>Was it worth the trouble in your opinion?
I was able to sleep better at night.
We have two boxes that were briefly sitting outside of a firewall.  This
is when I implemented the TCP.INVITED_NODES parameter.  Since that time,
these boxes have been moved into a more secure area of the network.  But
since they are outside our corporate firewall I left the parameter in
place.  I've never really had any problems, except when the IP address
of the invited nodes changed.  They were NATted addresses, so it took me
a little while to figure out that it wasn't a firewall problem.


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I'm curious how many folks have used the the TCP.VALIDNODE_CHECKING, 
TCP.EXCLUDED_NODES and/or TCP.INVITED_NODES parameters to restrict
database access.

What problems did you run into with it? 

Was it worth the trouble in your opinion?


Jared Still
Certifiable Oracle DBA and Part Time Perl Evangelist

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