RE: Find client version

  • From: "Carel-Jan Engel" <cjpengel.dbalert@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Rudy.Zung@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 17:10:23 +0100 (CET)

So, if I understand this correct, either 10g or 8i 'ORACLE_HOME' is
activated on the client-PC when the program gets started?

I never used ColdFusion, but I'd suggest to include something that detects
the activated Oracle environment somewhere at the client side, and not in
the database. It's the client that needs protection against erroneous
activation under the wrong version. Problems should be solved where they
are originated, not at the other end. So, maybe a lookup in the registry
(if possible at all with ColdFusion) for ORACLE_HOME or your PATH
envirnment variable can give you a clue about the active version of the
Oracle client software.

Other option: install VMWare in your windoze boxes, and use that for
running your 'completely separated machine'.

Regards, Carel-Jan

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. (Derek Bok)

> We're in the progress of migrating from 8i to 10g, and are=20
> planning on setting up some of our developers to using
> the 10g client under ColdFusion. However, since our production
> database is still 8i, we can't completely ditch 8i until
> production moves to 10g. The 10g client does will not connect
> to an 8.1.6 database. In the interim, our developers will be
> mostly trying to use the 10g client, but at times may have
> to revert back to 8i when they need to debug things that are
> on the 8i machines. So what we want is to get put in the the
> ColdFusion cold a code snippet that detects what client is=20
> being run, and give a friendly reminder to the developer
> that he/she is running with 8i.
> (My preference truthfully is to put 10g in a completely
> separate machine so that we don't end up with both 8 and=20
> 10 clients on the same machine, but we're kind of strapped
> for hardware, and putting 8 and 10 on the same machine and
> repointing the search path was the compromise solution.)
> ...Rudy


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