FYI: Turning off RAC on Windows - 10gR2

  • From: "Vasu Balla" <appsdba@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2007 09:27:21 +0530

Hello All,
 This is just FYI post, As i found out that the solution to my problem was
 documented any where. I tried both metalink and google.

 we were trying to clone our Windows - Oracle 11i Ebusiness Suite on 10gR2
Rac to a
single node instance (Non-Rac). While trying to bring up the instance, it
failed with
 ORA-29702: error occurred in Cluster Group Service operation

I quickly figured out thats its looking for CRS and we dont have one on this
box as its
supposed to be a single node non-RAC instance. we raised a SR on metalink
they came up with following solution

- Shutdown the instance which is cloned to non RAC.
- Shutdown all the listeners.
- Relink Oracle executable with rac_off option.
$ make -f rac_off
$ make -f ioracle
 - Remove all the parameters from init.ora which points to second instance
and it is
on other node.
- Remove cluster_database parameter
- Remove undo_tablespace parameter which points to second instance

Sounds familiar right. Its the procedure to turning of RAC on Unix platforms
not on windows.
I updated the SR to clarify the procedure for windows, still there is no
response there.

After diving in with Sysinternal utilities (now its Microsoft) , finally
found out the solution
to my problem

just rename following file in %ORACLE_HOME%/bin directory

orarac10.dll to orarac10.dll.bak

and it disabled RAC on windows. Actually we almost started installing a
fresh 10gr2 oracle
home, but found the fix just before that.

As i don't maintain a blog, i guess this post here gets indexed by google
and helps people
trying to do this activity in future

Vasu Balla

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