FW: backing up rman catalog for disaster recovery

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One very easy way is to do an rman backup with the nocatalog option.  This
will use controlfile info for restores and recoveries.  You can use all the
options of rman, just no catalog.  That is what we do.

Just my $0.02,

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I am setting up a disaster recovery site and I was thinking about the
best way to do this.

My theory is that I would like to not just use another recovery catalog
on the DR site to backup my primary catalog but to somehow keep these
catalogs constantly in-synch so when I do need to do complete recovery
and only have the secondary rman catalog available - I wouldn't have to
recover the catalog as all of the previous backups would be found there.

So....should I do this using Oracle Data Guard on my disaster recovery
site catalog or backup rman then restore as my first procedure?  Any


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