FW: Why "Separating Data and Indexes improves performance" is a myth?

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apologies if you all eventually get this twice. 
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Jonathan wrote
> I believe Stephan Haisley has built a 9i database
> with a 7.5K block size (not for production reasons,
> of course).

SYS 27-APR-04@block>show parameter block
NAME                                 TYPE        VALUE
------------------------------------ ----------- ----------------------------
db_block_buffers                     integer     0
db_block_checking                    boolean     FALSE
db_block_checksum                    boolean     TRUE
db_block_size                        integer     5120
db_file_multiblock_read_count        integer     16
SYS 27-APR-04@block>show release
release 1001000200
SYS 27-APR-04@block>

5 and 10 are such round numbers I thought I might choose the highest common 
divisor for my block size...

if anyone has suggestions as to how to achieve interesting errors with this 
setup the db will be around for a day or so.

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