RE: FW: The cheapest hardware for real RAC

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Hey Ranko,
I went with a shared SCSI setup similar to the one described in  Back in
Q1'05, our 2-node setup was $1100 US.  The only reason it was that
"expensive" was that we used the Adaptec 29160LP SCSI cards.
I've said it before
( and
I'll say it again -- I don't understand the fascination with using
FireWire even for a test.  Will you use FireWire in production if you
decide you need RAC?  If so, then by all means, use it for your test.
But for <$200 more, you can use SCSI, which is far more likely to be
used in production.  I'd think it would be most beneficial to have your
test mirror potential production where feasible.  Hopefully an extra
$175 or so for SCSI will be feasible for you.
My recycled $.02,


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Thanks Milen, 
I will go for Maxtor Maxtor OneTouch  - 300 GB -MFG#: E01G300 ( first
choice in the latest Hunter's article ). 
I don't want to experiment too much, time is not expandable; I already
have Western Digital external disk that didn't work ( I considered LaCie

2 years ago, but of course went with the wrong choice). 
Much appreciated Milen.
Regards, Ranko.

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