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Good morning all,
One of my developers asked me to find out what the strange symbol I have put
in bold in this line is:days_in_2000 := begin_2001 Ð begin_2000;

He had seen it several times in the documentation.  I can't reproduce it to
do a search.

Anyone know about this?

Thanks in advance,
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Using Intervals

Intervals can be used for many things, but in this article I'm going to
focus on datetime arithmetic. If you think about it, intervals are really
nothing new. Consider the following code, which computes the difference
between two dates in order to come up with the number of days in the year

   begin_2000 DATE := TO_DATE('1-Jan-2000','dd-Mon-yyyy');
   begin_2001 DATE := TO_DATE('1-Jan-2001','dd-Mon-yyyy');
   days_in_2000 NUMBER;
   days_in_2000 := begin_2001 Ð begin_2000;

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