RE: FRA f/s block size

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Sorry Nuno... Got linux on the brain wwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too much.

I asked around from several AIX people I know and the closest they suggested is 
nmon for AIX:
Can't see it providing the block level detail you might be wanting but in terms 
of aggregated ... Maybe ... Assuming you haven't stumbled onto it on your own 
that is.

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I'm aware of what is available in Linux.
But I said Unix. As in Aix.
strace is a RPITA to use on something like RMAN.
Pity IBM - of all companies! - provides so little gut-view software for that.
Although there is probably some obscure add-on to Tivoli or similar to do all I 
need - meh!...

Nuno Souto
in sunny Sydney, Australia

Amaral, Rui wrote,on my timestamp of 28/03/2011 10:15 PM:
> For rhel 6 (similar in previous versions as well):
> more detail on the block devices files in sysfs:
> looking at queue size might help performance (depending on your i/o scheduler 
> being used):
> one form of linux block tracing:
> and example:
> good ole strace also can give io and blocksize requests on running processes.


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