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Firstly, a 50k datafile is not big by any standards...

Secondly, when External Tables get to be fairly sizeable, one option could be to load the data into a temp table in the Database, use it then truncate once done.

Lastly, could the main select be the issue and not the External table or its data ?

On 1/12/2018 11:28 AM, Powell, Mark wrote:

Sanjay, you did not identify your Oracle version and edition nor post the actual code you have an issue with but consider the following.

I do not have access to a server where I can test right now but I believe that you can select from an external table using parallel query if you are on EE.

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Can someone share the Tuning activites that can be done for Selecting data from External table in 12c (12.1)? I am working on project that is getting every 6hourly data as flat file from external source and then has to be selected from ORacle table for some processing. Data is only 50K records but Select is taking time. It is Local Storage where File is located. I don;t think we can have indexes yet and so checking experience from the experts.



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